Trip leader duties: Whakapapa

A. Safety Matters

  1. The lodge is situated in an alpine area. The majority of new members and some existing members do not have alpine experience and do not appreciate that in this environment when things go wrong they do not “turn to custard”, they very easily turn to catastrophe.
  2. Explain the safety card to all occupants (copies are in the trip leaders drawer). Make sure they are read and understood by everyone in the lodge and that they have acted on them e.g. clear internal and external exit ways.
  3. As building warden you have statutory duties under the Fire Service Act. Details are in the trip leaders drawer, in particular you must be able to account for all lodge occupants by name and should the need arise ensure their safe evacuation. You should have a printed email/fax listing all occupants first and last names.
  4. The DoC Emergency Plan deals with the shelter and safe evacuation of everyone on the mountain in the case of storms or volcanic activity. You must be able to account for everyone in the lodge whether they are staying there or sheltering there. Note that the alpine hospice principle applies at these times and food and shelter are freely given. The subsequent evacuation must be strictly controlled – do not let people go, however anxious they are, until told of your time slot and evacuation route.Do not allow computer users to monopolise the phone line, you could miss emergency instructions from DoC.

B. Domestic Matters

  1. Meet and Greet. Make sure that occupants who are new to the lodge are introduced, shown around the lodge and have the lodge routines explained to them.
  2. Bunk allocation. Self allocation is OK if there is no pressure on space, otherwise allocate bunks to ensure families are together and then fill in with pairs and singles.
  3. Lodge duties. Ensure that all duties have been allocated and are performed properly and on time.

C. Lodge Running

  1. Water is a finite resource that must be managed. In winter we use more water than we collect. Always check the amount on hand and remember that it has to last for the whole season. If necessary implement rationing e.g. no weekend showers, limited week showers, limit toilet flushing etc.In the event of any volcanic activity ensure that the down pipes are disconnected.The gutter heating should be left on whenever there is snow on the roof. This is on the 24/7 circuit and by design will remain on when the lodge is shutdown.
  2. Allocate food on a daily basis and in particular ensure that the end of week cooks have sufficient variety and quantities left to work with. Ensure food deliveries are uplifted from RAL Distribution in Iwikau Shelter. At the end of the week/weekend complete the food stock take sheet and fax it to the Administration Officer before you leave.
  3. Maintenance – notify the maintenance officers of any maintenance concerns, i.e.;
    • Repairs and replacements required
    • Any running repairs carried out. We need to know of items that may need permanent repairs or replacement.
  4. Shutdown – ensure that:
    •  All duties have been completed and rubbish removed
    • Perishable food that will not last until the next lodge use is disposed of and a stock take of the remainder is notified to the Administration Officer
    •  Check every room and make sure that heaters are off, windows closed and curtains drawn
    • Water drained and power off. Do not leave these on unless the next occupants are actually in the lodge, they may be delayed or have cancelled.
    • Doors locked.

Download  Whakapapa_tripleader_duties (Word document 95kb)