Book (members only)

Members can book accommodation by

  • online form below
  • email to
  • phone0800 108 408
    Mike Cook, will answer calls personally between 7pm and 9pm most nights. The booking line has an answer phone for out-of-hours calls.

Administration Officer Mike Cook will then get in touch with you to confirm arrangements. Bookings may be refused if there are bunk fees, subscriptions, or work-party levies outstanding. For full details read the Serac booking procedure.

If you have any questions, or don’t hear back from Mike, please don’t hesitate to ring Mike on 0800 108 408.

Book lodge accommodation online


  1. Hard copy: Print the confirmation page you should see after clicking ‘Send Booking’ to get a hard copy of all the details you input.
  2. Correcting and resending: If you spot an error in the confirmation page, you may be able to use your browser back arrow to go back to the page with your input, correct it and ‘Send Booking’ again. Or just email the changes to