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Membership Application

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  • Applicants

  • Full nameDate of birth 
    Please list the full names and dates of birth of each person applying for membership, including yourself. Use + or - to add or remove applicant line.
  • Privacy Policy

  • Serac collects personal information from you when you complete this application form and when you use the online booking form.

    Serac uses this information to manage the membership of Serac Ski Club Inc and to organise the lodge bookings.

    From time to time Serac emails or posts out a list of members and their details to other Serac members. This usually consists of your name, address, phone, and email address. If you would prefer some of these details not to be included on this list please advise the Administration Officer. However, please be aware that the club requires, as a condition of membership, at least some contact details for each member to be made available to other members.

    You can contact the Administration Officer to access and correct the personal information that Serac holds about you.

    If you have any questions about this policy please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Administration Officer.

  • Annual subscriptions

  • Once membership has been approved, an invoice for the annual subscription fee will be sent out to you. (There is no joining fee.) Annual subscriptions for 2018 are:

    Member typeAnnual subscription
    Senior members (18 years and over)$ 260.00
    Transition members (18 – 22 years)$140.00
    Youth members (10 – 17 years)$60.00
    Junior members (5 – 9 years)$60.00
    Child members (under 5 years)Free
  • Special work party skills

  • Please write a brief description of the skills that you could contribute to our work parties. For example, plumber, builder, heavy traffic licence, access to a heavy vehicle, able to obtain materials at a discount etc.

  • Declaration

  • Mission Statement

    Serac is a volunteer run, family friendly alpine sports club that owns and maintains 2 lodges providing accommodation for members and their friends

    Values Statement

    Serac promotes and ensures
    • The love of snow sports and the outdoors in a fun, responsible and safe manner
    • Family values and friendships ensuring respect and enjoyment for all
    • The lodges are cared for and maintained for future generations

    Serac's 3R's

    • Respect for members and guests
    • Respect for lodges and property
    • Respect for mountain and alpine environment

    General Rules and Guidelines for all members and guests

    • Support the trip leader and participate willingly in the daily jobs to ensure the smooth running of the club
    • Behave in a polite and respectful way towards other members and guests
    • Except in an emergency members or guests staying overnight must have a valid bed night booking
    • Maintain a quiet time from 10pm to 6am, late arrivals/early riser to respect other users, no loud music etc
    • Maintain good mountain safety, both personal and with respect to other mountain users
    • Electronic devices – Consider others privacy e.g. regarding putting photos of others on social media and use devices respectfully in the communal areas, i.e. not making too much noise
    • When things go wrong, discuss issue with trip leader, adhere to the complaints procedure so it gets sorted out properly
    • Personal valuables are not the clubs responsibility
    • Lodges are smoke free
    • Parents must exercise responsible parental control, play should not disrupt the lodge
    • Excessive alcohol consumption is not acceptable, parental control to be exercised for underage members
    • Dinner for the Friday night is not included in the weekend lodge fee
    • Be sensible with both water and electricity usage particularly at peak periods for power
    • Read and comply with fire safety rules
    • Familiarise yourself with the fire safety procedures/evacuations and comply with any fire drills
    • Day guests not staying in the lodge should only use public areas
    • Members are responsible for the behaviors of their guests
    • Clean footwear only inside lodge
    • Damage caused  to the lodge by members or guests is to be paid for
    • Violence and illegal drug use in the lodges will result in termination of club membership.
  • If accepted for membership, I hereby agree to abide by the culture, constitution and all present and future rules of the Club.
  • Note: the Proposer and Seconder must be Club members. If you can't obtain the signatures of two members, return the form to the Administration Officer and a committee member will sign the form.
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